Our Services

Property Advisory Services

Our collective experience spread over decades in property advisory services, empowers our clients to make the best choices when it comes to buying residential and commercial properties. We work with the most prominent real estate brands to ensure our clients get the best and that their investment is secured and generates the maximum return within a short time.

We understand the needs of our clients and offer them personalized choices in residential and commercial properties to meet their investment expectations.

Investment Advisory Services

Real estate as an investment option can generate recurring passive income and is considered to be a good long-term investment if the value increases over time. It’s a great strategy to build wealth in various forms, real estate being one such item in your investment portfolio.

For clients who wish to invest in residential or commercial property from an investment perspective, we have solutions that far exceed the return on investment expectations. Armed with huge data loaded with market intelligence, our team of property experts can offer property investment advisories, which can generate maximum returns on their investment within the least possible time.

Financial Assistance

Deciding upon a property involves the right amount of effort. However, the real challenges start once this stage is crossed. Since we consider ourselves allrounder in property buying, we don’t leave you alone at this stage.

We can connect you to renowned banks from where you can avail financial assistance to fulfill your property buying dreams. We help you with paperwork which consumes a significant part of your time during the buying process, something which leaves you with more time to decide what to do with your newly bought property.


Property investment in India for NRIs has always been lucrative and more so due to government interventions and promotions. There are challenges, though, which need to be understood and addressed before buying properties in India.

NRI’s often find it difficult to be physically present while making the property buying decision. To smoothen this experience, our team works with them closely to understand their travel plans and limited availability of time. Based on these inputs, we offer our personalized services to empower them to make informed property buying decisions within the fastest possible time.

Group Buying

Group buying in real estate has become a viable option for home buyers looking forward to getting attractive discounts. It offers properties at significantly reduced prices as it's purchased by a relatively big number of buyers.

We encourage our clients and facilitate any such group buying of properties through our experts. Once you share your budget and your preferred property or locality, our team looks for people who have similar preferences. This process takes some time but offers discounts that are otherwise impossible to get if properties are bought at an individual level.